The Master Controller is an integrated part of the 19'' rack and determinates the master voltage for controlling of the whole or part of modular system. RANGE determines outgoing voltage in six steps (± 3 Volts, 1 Volt/step) and OUTPUT OFFSET determines outgoing voltage ± 1 Volts. SLEW1 and SLEW2 controls slew rate for incoming signals in to attenuable INPUT1 and INPUT2. The slew rates can be also controlled by external cv signals inserted in to SLEW1 and SLEW2 inputs. The amount of signals amplitude, coupled to INPUT3, can be modulated by an external cv signal coupled to input GAIN.


RANGE ± 3 Volts, in 1 Volt steps

OFFSET ± 1 Volts

SLEW1&2 1msec to 10 seconds

INPUT1&2 variable gain 0 to 1

INPUT3 CV controlled gain 0 to 1


MASTER O/P's normal and inverted

I'm proud to present the Cwejman Modular System with, no less, than 22 modules and the new developed 19'' rack (frame) with some interested features. All modules are fully protected against wrong connection of the power cables, they are only 20mm behind the front panel and has a protective shield. Modules are also fully compatible with other Eurorack systems.

The recently developed Cwejman 19'' subrack (frame) consist of two parts: frame with two empty rows (3HE + 3HE),

The Master Controller and the transformer unit which can power up up to three frames.

Specification for the frame:

width 84TE (482mm), height 7HE, depth 62mm